With 15 years of expertise in vtiger CRM development
redoo NETWORKS is now taking the next step:

Every business needs it and sooner or later everyone has it in some form or another: CRM. Our product is the installation, setup and manual adjustment of CRM and ERP called “flexx-suite”.

flexx-suite is a web-based, platform-independent, modular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which stands out especially because of its good integration ability into existing systems.

You can use this program for the following purposes:

  • Customer Management
  • Lead-Management
    (New customer acquisition)
  • Project Management
  • Merchandise Management
    (ERP) (receipt, issue, stock)
  • Marketing
    (e.g. newsletter campaigns)
  • Offers, order confirmations and invoices
    create and dispatch

Due to its modular structure, flexx-suite CRM system offers a high potential of extension possibilities, so that future or extended requirements (e.g. time recording, logistics module, … ) can also be integrated.

The program has visual setting interfaces, which allow you to change and expand views in all areas quickly and easily. Additional fields, lists, views and filters can be added easily. No programming knowledge is required for these extensions of existing modules.

flexx-suite CRM also allows you to set up workflows that you can use for automation, notifications via e-mail or SMS, generation of reports and evaluations, import and export of data, and much more.

Of course, your external software and hardware can also be connected to the system.

Detail and list views

Each module within flexx-suite CRM system has list views.

List views can be adjusted and filtered without programming knowledge.

Every user has the possibility to create and edit one or more lists. Lists can be created as private, public or for selected users and user groups.

Filters can be integrated just as easily into the list views and of course you can sort and search the lists you have created.

Detailed views of an entry allow you to access all information about the corresponding entry at any time.

Since modules are linked to each other, you can see the linked entries in an overview and can achieve the linked entry with a single click.

Like the list views, detailed views of individual modules within flexx-suite CRM system can be customized and extended with additional fields.

Rights and user administration

flexx-suite allows you to create hierarchical user roles and to create and combine access profiles with the desired options.

When assigning rights, a distinction is made between reading, creating, editing and deleting entries of individual modules.

Thus, user rights can be granted individually for individual user roles.

You can create recurring user rights as profiles to quickly add and change them for individual user roles.

PDF templates

flexx-suite CRM offers you the integration of your letterhead as PDF and the adaptation of the content and formatting of PDF templates.

When generating a PDF, you select the desired PDF template. This allows you to store several templates for individual modules and decide which one you want to use.

Adjustments to the content and formatting of the PDF templates are made with a visual editor, so that you can implement changes at any time without programming knowledge.