Redoo Networks – remote support .


Remote support procedure:

  1. get in touch with us
    1. Write an email to or call the support number.
  2. A support ticket will be created.
  3. Download the required remote maintenance program when instructed.
  4. Run the program.
  5. Pass the 9-digit number.
  6. Remote support takes place at this point.
  7. Now the program can be installed, if desired.
  8. End of remote support.


Download the remote support program here:


Download AnyDesk

Mac OS:

Download AnyDesk
Please follow the instructions for remote support on Mac OS systems:

Other versions:

Linux 64Bit
Download AnyDesk
Linux 32Bit
Download AnyDesk
Raspberry Pi
Download AnyDesk
Download AnyDesk
Download AnyDesk