Extension possibilities of flexx-suite CRM

Connection to your online presence

If you have one or more online shop systems, online configurators, or websites that access your products, we recommend connecting them to your flexx-suite CRM system.
In this way you centralize the maintenance of your products, the sending of offers and invoices and get a central overview of the results of your online sales and relieve the performance load on your shop system.
The connection is made via interfaces and/or import and export automatisms. Periods in which the data is synchronized can be flexibly determined.
Both automatic and manual synchronisation can be set up.

HR Software (Redoo modules complex)

With the “HR software” module complex, the processes of employee administration and work planning are available to you directly in your CRM. The employees can enter their vacations, sickness certificates, and further education periods into the system for approval, and the working times are registered in the system. The team leads get an excellent opportunity to generate evaluations. The charts, reports, timesheets, and staff reports can simplify your business life.

CRM module “Control-pro”

The extension “Control-pro” enables you to optimize your project control by allowing you to define defined processes as standards depending on various criteria.
The defined processes are presented to you project- and task-related in a user-friendly overview for maintenance by selected users or user groups.
You can determine the displayed values of individual project tasks from the fields of the module.
When a task is completed, you can query various factors. These can be, for example, the completion date, a final report, documents and/or references to other entries within the CRM system flexx-suite.
The extension allows you to configure automatic reminders (both within the CRM system and via email or SMS) and generate reports automatically.

CRM module “Zeiterfassung”

With this extension of the flexx-suite CRM, you always get an up-to-date overview of the time recording in your company.
As with all other modules within the CRM system, you can also freely configure the fields that are to be taken into account when recording a time and thus also differentiate between the types of individual time recordings.
The time recording is linked to modules in your CRM system so that clear assignments can be created.
Automatic time tracking can be configured using workflows.
On request, the time recording can be expanded so that you can enable mobile time tracking via web applications. Connection to external hardware such as access control is possible.

CRM module “Dokumentenablage”

With the extension “Dokumentenablage” you can store documents or files of any kind in relation to an entry within the CRM system.
The uploaded files can be maintained and viewed within the flexx-suite CRM.
The upload is done via the usual Explorer file selection or with drag and drop from your file explorer.

Flexx Logistics

The stand-alone extension “flexx Logistics” enables you to plan delivery tours and routes in connection with the data from your flexx-suite CRM system.
You can maintain your deliveries, locations and delivery locations within your CRM system. The route is planned on a map view with the designated delivery and locations.
Configured routes can be optimized according to traffic criteria. Likewise, routes can be reversed.
Created routes are displayed in an overview. Weight and driving time are shown.
The detailed view of individual routers allows you to access the schedule of the routes created and details of the delivery.
Routes can be changed later, so you can also adjust the schedule (days and times) as desired. Free days can be taken into account.
Created routes can be generated and printed as PDF files.
Several routes can be planned simultaneously.