Terms and Conditions of Redoo Networks GmbH

Last modified 24th of January 2019

§ 1 Scope of application
The statutory provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply,
in particular the German Civil Code (BGB), the BGB-InfoVO and the
Copyright Act.
§ 2 Owners of rights/Intellectual Property
The user of the GTC and holder of the rights to the services provided
to the customer is Redoo Networks GmbH, Dahmsdorfer Straße 12,
15374 Müncheberg, Germany.
§ 3 Subject matter of the contract
The subject matter of the contract is the use of one or more services
(Internet, printing, film/video/consulting/cartography) of Redoo Networks
GmbH by a client in the Ways of a license agreement. The services
of Redoo Networks GmbH may be based on the use of other licenses.
In particular the use of „open-source“ licenses are applied, for
example the CMS (Content Management Systems) wordpress, typo3,
woocommerce or CRM (Customer Relations Management Systems)
vtiger. “Open source” licenses may be used in related extensions and/
or design templates and / or to adapt them to customer requirements.
§ 4 Right of Use, Restriction of Use
The right to use the subject matter of the contract applies in conjunction
with a unique Url address (domain address) in connection with
the production of a website and / or an unique license key for modules
of CRM and or flex-suite CRM. Deviations must be agreed individually
and in writing.
Any transfer of rights of use to third parties, whether in return for payment
or free of charge, as well as the use on other websites than the
one agreed upon are prohibited.
Redoo Networks GmbH does not provide any services for immoral
contents. If the customer deceives Redoo Networks GmbH about the
background of his own content when concluding the contract, Redoo
Networks reserves the right to withdraw from the contract The customer
shall bear the cost of any work. Redoo Networks GmbH shall
only grant the right to use the services or partial services provided by
Redoo Networks GmbH, if the full amount of the invoice had been paid
§ 5 Terms of payment
Prices will be communicated on request. When the order is placed,
40% of the gross invoice amount is payable in advance. A further advance
payment of 40% may be invoiced and due after completion of
the specifications and the initial installation of a CRM or, in the case of
a web project, after completion of the layout. The final invoice is due
after completion of the services agreed in writing. It is agreed that all
agreed services must be paid in full before a server relocation is performed
and/or a project goes live. Redoo-networks GmbH might help
with the service to relocate a website/CRM from/to a server, but this is
not part of the contract and is not a cause to delay the payment.
If, after three requests by Redoo Networks GmbH the customer does
not fulfill his obligation to cooperate (non-delivery of graphical or textual
information) Redoo Networks GmbH may charge increased production
costs in the amount of the additional costs of the support according
to hourly rate. (120,00 €/h). If the customer is responsible for
other additional expenses that are not covered by the contract, Redoo
Networks GmbH may claim additional expenses. Four weeks after receipt
of a design draft or a service, this status is regarded “accepted by
customer” by all parties, if no correction requests have been received
from the customer within this period.
§ 6 Conclusion of contract
The license agreement is concluded when the customer places an order
and Redoo Networks GmbH confirms the order.

§ 7 Right of revocation
Consumers within the meaning of § 13 BGB, i.e. natural persons with
whom business relations are entered into without them having a commercial
or self-employed professional activity are entitled to revoke
the contract declaration (order) without giving reasons. The revocation
must be made within two weeks in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) to
Redoo Networks GmbH. The return of the received service to Redoo
Networks GmbH within two weeks shall also be regarded as revocation.
The period begins at the earliest with receipt of this instruction.
The timely dispatch of the revocation or the goods suffices to comply
with the revocation period. The revocation is to be addressed to:
Redoo Networks GmbH, Dahmsdorfer Straße 12,
15374 Müncheberg | E-mail: info@redoo-networks.com
§ 8 Consequences of revocation
In the event of an effective revocation, the services received by both
parties shall be returned and any benefits derived (e.g. interest) shall
be surrendered. If received
If the customer does not return all or part of the goods or services or
only returns them in a deteriorated condition, compensation may be
due. In all other respects, the obligation to pay compensation can be
be avoided by not using the goods as an owner and by refraining from
doing anything that could impair their value. Items that can be sent as
parcels are to send it back. Items that cannot be sent by parcel post will
be picked up from the buyer.
§ 9 Customer Service/Complaints of the Customer
If you have any questions about our products or complaints, please
contact us at the above address (see above § 2). You can also send
inquiries and complaints to:
Redoo Networks GmbH by telephone +49 (0) 33432 755880 or by e-mail:
§ 10 Warranty and guarantee conditions
The customer operates his software on his own responsibility. In particular,
he is referred to the provisions of competition and copyright law.
Upon request, Redoo Networks GmbH can provide legal advice on the
competition and copyright aspects of software. Between the customer
and the recommended lawyer a separate contract will be concluded.
Redoo Networks GmbH does not charge any mediation costs.
The customer‘s provider is responsible for web hosting and data security.
Redoo Networks GmbH is exclusively liable for the agreed service only.
Redoo Networks GmbH is only liable for damages if these are caused
by intent or gross negligence on its part. Redoo Networks GmbH excludes
liability for damages, disturbances or interruptions caused by
third parties or force majeure. The liability for consequential and financial
losses, earnings not achieved, loss of interest and damages from
claims of third parties against the customer are also excluded. Redoo
Networks GmbH recommends that the customer‘s system be backed
up before the system is relaunched. The backup can also be performed
by Redoo Networks GmbH for an additional charge. If Redoo Networks
GmbH software is installed by a third party, the use of this software is
governed by the license terms of the respective software manufacturer.
§ 11 Data protection
The client as the licensee agrees until his written objection that Redoo
Networks GmbH may store his personal data in machine-readable format,
as far as these data are necessary for the reason, to form, process
and use these data, and for the contentwise arrangement of the contractual
relation. The licensee is hereby notified thereof in accordance
with the statutory provisions.
§ 12 Severability clause
If individual provisions of these GTC are or become invalid, this shall
not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid
provision the customary provision existing for this case shall apply, in
the absence of a permissible customary provision the corresponding
statutory provision.
§ 13 Place of jurisdiction
For contracts with merchants, legal entities under public law and special
funds under public law, the place of performance for deliveries and
the place of jurisdiction shall be Frankfurt/Oder/Germany with the provision
that we are also entitled to sue at the place of the buyer‘s registered
office or a branch office.