We try to implement the most used Third party modules. If you miss some functions, contact us and we found a solution of the developer of this modules provide us a license during development.


The PDFMaker module from ITS4you is a great module to generate PDF files from templates. That’s why the Workflow Designer provide a single block “PDFMaker Integration”, which provide all of these functions of PDFMaker to be used during of Workflows.


The EMailMaker provide great functions for Mail communication. You could use all Templates from EmailMaker within the “send Mail” task, if module of Mail template is equal to the Workflow module.

SQL Reports

A simple but flexibel Reporting module. You must configure the SQL Query and get the result of this query with export to PDF, XLS, CSV.
You could use files from this module in any place, where Attachments could be selected.

VTExperts Module


Notifications is a module, similar to the “authorization request” block, but better integrated within the complete Vtiger.
You could easily create Notifications with the “create Record” task.
Also there is a standalone task “VTexperts create Notification”, which give you the change to create Notifications with delay, until the Notification is confirmed, like the “authorization request”.