From time to time we got request about the configuration of major mailprovider within the SMTP Server of VtigerCRM.

If you would use another Mailserver and cannot get the configuration be stored, please read this page about vtiger debugging, how to recognize the SMTP error in detail.

We created and ongoing extend the following overview:

Office 365

Server Name: tls://
Username / Passwort:
Your Office 365 Login
From Email: Your Office 365 Mailaddress
It is important to set the last value, because you are only able to send mails from your sender address. Every mail with another sender, will be rejected by Outlook 365 SMTP Server.

Google Mail

Server Name: tls://
Username / Passwort: Your Google Login

You don’t need to define a general Sender Address. Google is accepting Mails from any address.


Server Name: tls://
Username / Passwort: Your SendGrid Login