Starting with Version 600.1601 you could open a “global Task Options” field within every task configuration. Configurations in this block are applied for this single block and will modify the behavior of the blocks.

Here you have a list and description of these configurations, currently available:

Use/Output currencies formated, instead of full precision

This option enable a behavior, similar to the internal workflow.
Every time you use a variable, which contain a currency value, it is formatted by Currency format configuration of current user or the Admin User if executed during a automated cronjob.

The format is applied to EVERY currency value within this block and you CAN NOT use this variables within formulas in this single block.

If you want to use a currency value inside formulas AND formatted, you need to keep this option disabled and use the Helper function $[currency,$fieldvalue] to ouput the variable in correct format. This also format the value you set within the parameter, with format of current User.