Workflow Designer (PHP 7)


Create a complex process without any development skills with the help of a simple to use Drag & Drop Editor.

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Compatible with VtigerCRM: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
Compatible with PHP Version: 7.x
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> Optimized for older systems with PHP 7

Enhance your VtigerCRM with the Workflow Designer, a powerful tool for automating, managing, and controlling your system. This module offers around 80 functions to help streamline your workflows efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Set Values: Set field values of the current record.
  • Conditions: Create complex conditions (AND; OR; nested condition blocks) with access to the field values of the context record. Output: “True” and “False” paths for further workflow execution.
  • Wait: Delay the further execution for a specified amount of time, e.g., wait for x minutes or until the 4th day of the week.
  • Send Email: Automate email sending with configuration of all email parameters such as sender, recipient, CC, etc. Attachments can be added automatically (e.g., from temporary storage (Filestore)), and email templates can be used.
  • Custom Number Sequence: Create a custom sequential numbering, independent of the module’s internal numbering.
  • Global Search: Create a selection of records based on complex criteria and store the selection in an environment variable for further processing.

Workflow Triggers:

A highlight of the Workflow Designer is the ability to define triggers for the workflows. These can be activated, for example, when the record is first saved, each time it is saved, or when it is deleted. Another trigger can be a change in field values in the edit mode of a record. You can specify which workflow should be executed live after a specific field value changes, enabling live validation of entered data (e.g., checking for duplicate entries).

There is also an option to execute workflows manually.

Another trigger is the HTTP handler. This allows workflows to be called and parameters to be transferred to Vtiger from outside by calling a defined URL. This feature enables you to easily integrate complex web forms.


Package Contents:

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